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Artem checked his watch impatiently. The courier was supposed to bring his brand new smartphone any minute. The doorbell rang, and Artem was ready to enjoy the pleasure of the new gadget, but when he opened the door, he was a little taken aback. The courier turned out to be a very beautiful and sexy kitty. Artem immediately forgot about the new smartphone, now he wanted to play with a completely different toy.
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It was raining outside and Claire was in a very anxious mood, her husband went on a business trip three weeks ago and today he was supposed to be back. In the morning, she was getting ready to meet him, prepared a delicious dinner and set a perfect order in the house.

Claire missed him very much and wanted to please her lover, and so she put on an open peignoir to become her perfect lover for her husband! As soon as Greg got home, Claire immediately threw herself into his arms, she gently hugged her man and kissed his lips, looked into his deep blue eyes and immediately felt a frantic surge of excitement, a burning desire seized her, and she began to undress Greg on the spot. Today she wanted to show him how much she values him. Greg lay on his stomach, and Claire began to passionately caress his anus, she slowly licked it with the tip of her tongue, and Greg moaned with unearthly pleasure!
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Estelle woke up happy – there was a beautiful wedding gown lying next to her bed. It was her special day, the one she waited for her entire life. The groom walked in through the door, wearing a classic black tux that did a great job of showcasing his broad shoulders and making him look even manlier. He leaned in gently, the eyes brimming with care – he wanted to help Estelle with her shoes.

She looked at him lovingly, unable to believe that in a few short hours this wonderful man is going to become her husband! The wedding night was still a long way off, but Estelle was overwhelmed with affection, she wanted to treat her husband to a very special passion session, the one that will make him remember this blissful day for the rest of his life. She kneeled before him, still wearing that gown, she helped him take off his pants and started licking his ass. She alternated between rimming and sucking his manhood, so he’d never forget his wedding day romp…
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Kate woke up to pleasant smells from the kitchen. She instantly realized that she had a great day ahead of her, which, in turn, raised her spirits. Throwing on a light dress, she entered the kitchen. There was a delicious surprise waiting for her there – her beloved husband was only wearing an apron whilst preparing a nice meal for her. With a barrage of warm feelings overwhelming her, Kate embraced her man.

She planted a kiss on his warm lips and immediately felt his cock tense up. Since today is full of surprises, she decided to do something special for him as well! The woman slid down to her knees before burying her tender tongue in his anus – it was a marvelous morning rimjob!